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Anthem players are creating maps of world events, Titan spawns and chest locations

Anthem's world map leaves a lot to be desired, and players are left picking up the slack.

As you explore the world of Anthem, you'll come across two forms of recurring events. World events are similar to Destiny's public events; a series of randomly generated objectives that need to be completed in a set time.

These range from wave defence, object hunting, to more traditional area clearing. Then there are Titans; colossal monsters that roam the world. These come in different tiers, withe the highest requiring a coordinated team if you intend to take it down. Both of these are dynamic, but sadly, Anthem's map doesn't alert you to either.

The only way to take part in these events is to stumble upon them as you explore, or specifically go hunting for their possible locations in the hopes they'd activate while you're in the area. The latter is obviously the more efficient option.

To help with that, Reddit user Del_tango roamed the entirety of the game's world to create a map of all possible world events, and Titan spawn locations. We've included it below, and though the creator warns it may not be 100% accurate, it's already much better than just running around hoping to spot these events.

Anthem's world also features plenty of chest spawns, Cortex (lore) entries scattered around for players to pick up, and overlook points for those with an eye for beauty. Though Del_tango's map is specifically designed for world events and Titans, others have taken it upon themselves to track the rest.

Player Dicejss shared a map that includes all possible interactables in the world of Anthem. Not only does that include world events, and Titan spawns, it also extends to chest locations, Cortex entries, and even overlook spots.

This map is much busier, as you'd expect, given the information it's keeping track of. That said, both can be used to better navigate the world of Anthem. Until BioWare offers a more native solution, of course.

Our Anthem guide is also a great resource for making sense of much of the game's obscurities. Hit the link for more.

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