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Anthem reviews round-up, all the scores

Now that Anthem reviews are in, a picture is beginning to form.

Anthem didn't officially launch until today, but the game has been playable since last Friday by EA, and Origin Access members on PC, and Xbox One as part of a trial. Origin Premier members on PC even got unlimited access.

That is to say Anthem has been in the wild for long enough now that reviews can be written, and scores can be assigned. It's clear at this stage that while Anthem's launch didn't suffer from major connection issues, the game is full of bugs, unexplained mechanics, and inexplicably missing features.

A day one patch has already been released to address some of them, but many of the game's shortcomings will take more than a launch day update to be fixed.

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We've rounded up the reviews we've spotted so far below. Scores will be out of ten, except where noted.

At the time of this writing, Anthem's aggregate rating stands at roughly 65. This could improve the more positive reviews get added, of course. Until then, you can read the reviews above for a general idea of what you're getting on day one.

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