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BioWare will soon unveil post-launch content plans for Anthem

BioWare is getting ready to talk about the future of Anthem beyond release.

Of the many developer updates players of live service games look forward to, roadmaps for what's yet to come have to be near the top. Anthem, being BioWare's first proper entry into the genre, is undoubtedly surrounded by a lot of questions.

Though the studio has not really talked about how the game will evolve post launch, it previously confirmed that it wants all content to be free to all players. And, in his most recent letter to fans, BioWare general manager Casey Hudson said that some answers are coming soon.

"Soon, we will reveal more about our plans for how we intend to support that ongoing stream of content and features," he wrote, reiterating that launch is only the beginning for Anthem, and that player feedback will shape the future of the game.

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We're not exactly sure how detailed these plans will be just yet, but this is some reassurance that BioWare is committed to its first big game in a while.

Anthem's VIP demo kicks off this Friday, followed by the open demo next week. The pre-load is already live, in case you missed it, and you can always return to our Anthem demo hub for everything you need to know.

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