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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise Tips - How to design the best rooms for your clients

Island living for all!

You’ve painstakingly planned out every furnishing in your own abode, but now it’s time to curate a perfect pad for the entire roster of island villagers with the release of the Happy Home Paradise DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Even though there's not a lot of judgement whatever you serve up, for your work to get the best reaction in Happy Home Paradise, you need an eye for interior design, a great sense of style, and, above all, the ability to take inspiration from instructions and let your imagination do the rest.

If you’ve already gotten the gold medal from the HRA for your own house, then you should be up-to-speed with incorporating Feng Shui, creating set bonuses, and grouping similar items for the best results.

You might even have played the Animal Crossing: New Leaf spin-off, Happy Home Designer, that this DLC is the spiritual sequel too.

But whatever your level of familiarity, to please even the pickiest of clients, here are some of our top tips for building the best rooms in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons Happy Home Paradise DLC.

How to build the best rooms in Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise

  • Make liberal use of clients' favourite items

First things first, one of the basic mechanics in Happy Home Paradise is that your clients have favourite items that they love, and definitely want you to include in your designs.

What's slightly less clear is that you can use these items more than once in the finished room. You can achieve fun symmetry, or mirror the orniments on different sides of a room to incorporate striking features your clients will love.

  • How do you know what clients like?

Happy Home Paradise makes things pretty easy for you to make your way through your different jobs by grouping compatible furniture into the "order" menu. However, your clients like certain objects in the order menu more than others, and it isn't immediately obvious which they are.

You can tell which items a client likes by their reaction to it as they stand in the doorway.

Your client will react with a heart, exclamation point, applause, or just a satisfied nob based on how much they like the item you have just placed.

Since there's no penalty or limit to placing and removing items though, you can literally just spam all the items in the order menu on the ground, make a mental note of which get a good reaction, then base your design around those pieces.

  • Manually go to the 'Plants' section to give your outdoor locations character

As well as designing perfect interiors, you are also asked to landscape beautiful gardens for your clients. However, plants, flowers, shrubs and trees are rarely included in the related 'order' menu.

If you think some foliage would fit your current theme particularly well, don't hesitate to manually tab over to that menu and place as many as you like.

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