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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Shopping Plaza - How to build every shop on Harv's Island

Easy access to the most sought after vendors!

One of the most exciting returning features in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the shopping plaza on Harv’s Island.

With his entrepreneurial streak taking a turn away from wedding photography, Harv has repurposed his island into the premier shopping destination in your area. Talk about an out of town mall!

Where there used to be a regular rotation of special vendor visitors to your island home, you can now set up permanent stalls for Kicks, Sahara, Leif, and even the mischievous Redd.

When each of the vendors are not at their usual posts outside of Town Hall, they can be found here, if you can cover their startup costs that is!

What’s more, newlyweds Reese and Cyrus will customise furniture at their workshop, while you can also have your fortune read by Katrina the mystical cat.

Finally, it's official: Tortimer is alive and kicking. You can build a little hut for the elderly tortoise to easily access your home storage to feed Cyrus customization jobs without having to fill up your inventory beforehand.

Here’s everything you can do in Harv’s Shopping Plaza in Animal Crossing New Horizons, and what you need to establish all of the new shops!

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How to establish stalls in Harv’s shopping plaza in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Getting starting with Harv's shopping plaza co-op is easy. Simply head to the Airport and ask Orville to set up a trip to the island.

Next, take the right-hand road next to Harv's shack to get to the plaza.

Here, Harv has enlisted the help of your old friend Lloid to build the shops. Lloid's friends - all also called Lloid - need 100,000 bells each to complete work on each stall.

Bear in mind though, that you can only build one shop in the shopping plaza per day. Be sure to prioritise the shops you're most interested in, so you're not waiting nearly a week to see what's what!

I'd suggest starting with Leif, since he can get you started on the new crop farming feature. Otherwise, maybe check out Redd's new inventory, or the brand-new fortune and customization shops.

After you've stumped up the cash and given to the stumpy Gyroid, you chosen shop will open the next day.

We've listed which shop is which below. Unlike Nook's Cranny and the Able Sisters, the shops on Harv's Island update their inventory every week, not every day.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Harv’s shopping plaza shop list

Here's every shop you can add to the shopping plaza in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and what it does.

Some are more exciting than others, while others are just a lot of fun. Don't forget to keep speaking to Harriet as well, since she gives you new hairstyles!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Harv's Shopping Plaza list
In-game description Villager Cost Shop Function Shop Location
A dapper dealer of fine shoes and handbags Kicks 100,000 Bells Various accessories and shoes Bottom Right
A "legitimate" art dealer Redd 100,000 Bells Sells artworks and furniture Middle Right
A botany expert with the greenest of thumbs Leif 100,000 Bells Shrubs, plant and crop starts, and seeds Top Right
A talented husband-and-wife furniture-refurbishing team Reese and Cyrus 100,000 Bells Customize special furniture Top Middle
An old-timer who'll give you access to your home storage Tortimer 100,000 Bells Easy access to all storage (you can send things home already with Wilbur) Top Left
A merchant offering rugs and mysterious wallpapers Sahara 100,000 Bells Fancy wallpapers and floors that give you more HRA points than others Middle Left
A mysteriously accurate fortune-teller Katrina 100,000 Bells Can boost your friendship level with your regular villagers Bottom Left
N/A Harriet Build another stall Cuts your hair and teaches new hairstyles By the campfire in the middle

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