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Is there a game you just can't stop playing?

Best game that you play instead of tackling your growing pile of shame.

Animal Crossing character holds bag of money over a background of retro games.
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By our counting, this is episode 84 of the Best Games Ever Podcast. That's a lot, and probably isn't accurate. We hope you like listening as much as we like making the show. And with that little bit of friendly chat, it's time to announce that in a few weeks we're going to launch an extended version of the show that you'll have to pay for. "Oh, no," you say. "Not them too!" you add, as you clutch your wallet and let out a single sob. One tear slowly wipes its way down your cheek.

Right, listen. This is a new segment. We're not taking anything away from people who just don't want to pay. Each week Jim will name the game he would have picked if he was allowed to pick a game, and the rest of us will tell him why that is a bad choice (most likely).

The good news is that for this week (and next) we're giving this new section away completely free of charge. What a bargain! The bad news is that after that it'll cost you about £30 a year or £3 a month. So when you think about it, it's not even bad news, given how cheap it is. And we stress, we're not taking anything away - the core show remains as it was.

We'll deliver more news and explain how to sign up to be a paying member in the near future. But this is just a heads-up of sorts, in an attempt to avoid those tears and tantrums.

Anyway, this week we are looking at the games we play all the time instead of newer games we've bought. We all have some, right? Let's find out what our panel picked. This week we've got Tom Orry, Rebecca Jones, and Mark Warren. They're experts, honest. They like video games for a living.

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