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2K: BioShock 2 DLC for PC should have certification process finished soon


2K Games' community manager Elizabeth Tobey has posted an update on the 2K Games Forums regarding Protector Trials and Minerva's Den DLC finally hitting BioShock 2 PC.

According to Tobey, Protector's Trials should have the certification process finished by the end of January, and Minerva’s Den - which has some more work to be done on it still - is should finish certification by the beginning of March.

"Nothing's set in stone until it's actually completed, but that's what we're moving towards," wrote Tobey. "I’ll let you guys know when we do submit, but our release date will change depending on how that process goes.

"I don’t have a final patch list for you yet, either, but one item I know many of you will look forward to: we have fixed mouse sensitivity issues and many v-sync option bugs."

2K announced back in October that PC users will end up getting the DLC after originallybeing axed due to “timing and technical issues”.

Thanks, BigDownload.

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