Watch Dogs: Way Off the Grid – Find Kenny, kill fixers, fire truck

By Staff, Friday, 23 May 2014 10:31 GMT

This is it, the final mission of Act 2. Get ready for a tough fight and a tricky chase sequence to cap it all.


Objective: Enter the bunker
Objective: Reach the location of Kenny’s last signal

Watch the cutscene in the bunker then go to your new location. Approach the doorway on the south side but be aware there’s a guard on patrol. Make sure he’s not around when you take cover behind the door and get ready for a fight.

Objective: Eliminate all fixers

You have six fixers to deal with. three are patrolling outside the building and there’s three inside the building. If you’re patient you can take them all out one-by-one without alerting the others using environmental hazards. Or you can just pull out some weapons and go in all guns blazing. There’s also some crafting items too, so grab them while you can.

Objective: Start the data upload
Objective: Defend the area until the upload is complete
Objective: Eliminate all the fixers

Access the computer at the waypoint and bed-in for a fight. You need to stay alive until the upload is complete so use explosives where possible and all the cover provided. time your explosives for maximum effect and keep your head down, keep moving and exercising your trigger finger.

Objective: Wipe the hard drive
Objective: Chase down and eliminate the fixer

Once the fixers are dead go back to the computer and wipe the drive. Now hoof it to the yard, grab a car and chase the remaining fixer. Be sure to get a car off the street as the one’s in the yard are slow.

As you’re chasing a fire truck it’s a tough vehicle so you’ll need to pull out all the stops using hacks. It smashes through everything on the road so stay right up its bumper and hit those hacks until it comes to a stop.

Congratulations, you’ve finished Act 2!

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