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YouPorn traffic suffered a heavy blow because of Fortnite

YouPorn's gamer traffic dropped by 13% during the Fortnite Pro-Am tournament before perking right back up again.

If you needed any evidence that Fortnite is currently the biggest game on the planet, you can literally observe its impact on the world of porn. Not in terms of Fortnite-themed videos (although those probably exist), but because of a noticeable drop in YouPorn traffic.

Last week, players around the world stopped to watch the Fortnite Pro-Am tournament at E3. During this time, YouPorn recorded a sudden 13.57% drop in traffic that surged back to normal levels when the tournament was finished a few hours later. This data was based specifically on anonymized affinity statistics from Google Analytics.

Yes, Fortnite is such a big deal that fans literally stopped wanking to watch the game. That is commitment.

YouPorn went a step further and double-checked its searches to see who was looking up Pro-Am celebrities on the site. For example, searches for the rapper Desiigner shot up 721%, followed by Jordyn Jones and Markiplier. Interestingly, the Pro-Am winner Ninja only increased by 20%, while his partner Marshmello didn't appear on the graph at all.

Are we entirely sure people weren't just interested in regular ninja porn at this point?

Speaking of Ninja, the streamer noted that he lost 40,000 Twitch subscribers by taking two days off for the tournament. Unlike Twitch, it seems the simultaneous drop in porn viewing rebounded quickly.

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