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You can buy the Dark Souls Silvercat Ring in real life, though it probably doesn't reduce fall damage

You can have your very own, high-quality replica of the Dark Souls Silvercat, and Havel's Rings.


The Silvercat Ring, first introduced in Dark Souls 2 before later returning in Dark Souls 3, is one ring many players will be very familiar with.

The ring reduces fall damage, and many will remember fist testing it to go down the well in Majula in Dark Souls 2. Japanese brand Torch Torch is producing a rings collection that includes the Silvercat Ring, and the iconic Havel’s Ring. Both rings are made from 925 silver, available for men and women.

The Silvercat Ring is priced $155, due for release between July and August, whereas Havel’s Ring will release between August-September for the same price. The different variants of each ring can be pre-ordered now through Torch Torch's store.

They actually look really good in these pictures, as you can see above. Even not considering the faithful recreation, the rings seem to have made the transition from the game well, especially considering their designs.

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