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Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter smashes stretch goal, ending on £2M

The Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter has wrapped up with just over a whopping £2M pounds.


The initial goal was £175k, and after reaching the £1.5M stretch goal, the project ended on a high of £2M. An update on Kickstarter has confirmed that backers and Paypal customers will be getting free extra content as promised.

Talking to Eurogamer, Playtonic Games' Andy Robinson said "Yooka-Laylee's success has been well beyond any of our expectations. Now it's heads down. We'll obliviously keep up with fans via social media, but hopefully the next time that the public see the game it will be much more advanced."

Composer Grant Kirkhope added "I've worked with those guys for years. Myself and them [The UK Playtonic team] are massively impressed and humbled."

Stay tuned for more news on Yooka-Laylee now that it's moving into development.

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