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Yakuza Kiwami to get 4 weeks of free DLC, if that tempts you to buy in this month rather than after it goes chicken viral

Yakuza Kiwami could be responsible for your most popular tweet this year. Don't miss peak Share season.

A remake of the first series entry, Yakuza Kiwami may be the game to help propel the crime drama franchise out of its cult niche and into the mainstream - especially after that whole Yakuza 0 chicken thing drummed up so much interest last year.

To its credit, publisher Sega's giving it a red hot try and has announced an incentive scheme in the form of four weeks of free DLC following on from Yakuza Kiwami's release at the end of the month.

The weekly content drops don't add anything hugely essential, but provide a number of cosmetics and consumables which should be useful. Once Yakuza Kiwami updates each week, stop by the Tenkaichi Street Gate to grab the goods from Bob Utsunomiya.

Here's what will be waiting for you each week:

    Kiwami Fun Pack (September 5 )
  • Dragon Tattoo - Kiryu's shirtless outfit
  • Toughness Emperor - Stamina/healthy recovery item
  • Tauriner ++ - Stamina/healthy recovery item
  • Staminan Royale - Stamina/healthy recovery item
  • Modified Model Gun - Handgun weapon
  • Gold Plate - Sell for cash item
    Kiwami Street Pack (September 12)
  • Prison Escapee - Kiryu's prison outfit
  • Extra Balance Motor - Pocket Circuit part
  • Extra Slim Tires - Pocket Circuit part
  • Boost Gears - Pocket Circuit part
  • Speed Frame Plus - Pocket Circuit part
  • Stone of Enduring - Item that protects against a critical attack once
    Kiwami Fun Pack 2 (September 19)
  • Black Suit - Kiryu's black suit outfit
  • Toughness Infinity - Stamina/health recovery item
  • Tauriner Maximum - Stamina/health recovery item
  • Staminan Spark - Stamina/health recovery item
  • Marlin Cannon - Hand-held cannon
  • Platinum Plate - Sell for cash item
    Kiwami Street Pack 2 (September 26)
  • Snake Skin Jacket - Majima's Outfit
  • Killer Bee - Pocket Circuit car
  • Godspeed Motor - Pocket Circuit part
  • Super Slim Tires - Pocket Circuit part
  • Godspeed Gears Plus - Pocket Circuit part
  • New Bumper Plate - Pocket Circuit part
  • Sacrifice Stone - Item that protects against death once

Since it revisits the start of the main series with some modern conveniences, Yakuza Kiwami seems like a great place to jump on board if you're yet to experience the hugely detailed open worlds, over the top Japanese drama and gentle, warmhearted weirdness of the Yakuza franchise.

If it goes anything like the last one, buzz will really pick up once streamers and Let's Play start unearthing the best jokes and strangest little moments, and we'll see stacks of viral social posts on Yakuza Kiwami. Do you want to be left clambering onto the bandwagon after it's already been around the park once...?

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