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Yakuza 5 trailers retain Nagoshi's signature bombast

The Yakuza series has a long narrative tail, spelled out in dramatic cut-scenes. Familiarising yourself with the events of just one game's twists and turns will give you a working knowledge of gangster Japanese, so tune into over 17 minutes of incomprehensible trailer if that's what floats your boat.

Both trailers are in Japanese, as Yakuza 5's western launch has not been announced; the PlayStation 3 exclusive hits Japan on December 6. Happily, Sega's limited runs of the last few games have been reasonably successful - so much so that it's spun off a dedicated Yakuza Studio team - so with any luck we'll hear something soon.

The first video is a long story trailer while the second introduces the game's features, like new cities and dance battles. Both go for approximately seven billion years and present with breathless excitement and drama, which is exactly why I love Toshihiro Nagoshi; I had the second one open in a tab and overheard it shouting "Eat! Drink! Play! Date!" as if all these things were equally as exciting as the franchise's brawling core mechanic.

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

Thanks, Gematsu.

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