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XCOM shooter reveal confirmed by 2K, will happen in "a matter of days"

XCOM developer 2K Marin will blow the doors off its shooter once again in a matter of days, the company has confirmed. The project was initially announced back in 2011 but was taken back to the drawing board for re-tooling. The studio confirmed that the game has "undergone an evolution" since we last saw it.

Writing on the 2K blog,the studio wrote, "The XCOM universe is expanding. In the coming days the world will get a fresh look at the long-awaited squad-based tactical shooter in development at 2K Marin. Announced back in 2010, the game has undergone an evolution since we last showed it to you at E3 2011.

"The creative development of this game has been a collaborative process of discovery and iteration. 2K’s culture allows our studios the freedom to refine their visions, to explore new ideas, and to deliver the best possible experiences for players.

"Through this exploration, 2K Marin has refined their vision, and as a result the game has evolved into a high-stakes narrative experience imbued with core XCOM concepts.The wait is nearly over and we can’t wait to share more details with you about the game in only a matter of days."

The game name has been cheekily redacted on the blog, but rumours suggest that it'll be called The Bureau, or something to that effect, thanks to this mysterious trailer that points to an April 26 reveal.

What did you make of the first reveal of XCOM? Should the game have gone ahead? Let us know what you think below.

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