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Midnight Suns is a surprise late contender for Game of the Year

Firaxis finally gives us an Iron Man Mode we can all enjoy.

^Stay tuned after the ad for our deep-dive chat into Midnight Suns, with thirty minutes of gorgeous ultrawide footage

We’ll admit it: we thought Marvel’s Midnight Suns had 6/10 written all over it. It seemed to so confused, that we wondered for months – in private – about whether it could possibly be a good, coherent, intelligible experience with so many disparate elements going on. A Marvel XCOM game that’s also a card battler, but also a relationship simulator, but also a creepy Metroidvania style National Trust explore-em-up? And in the era of Extreme MCU Fatigue? We honestly thought it was destined to underwhelm.

Well, we’ve never been happier to be proven utterly wrong: Midnight Suns is legit. It’s by some distance the best superhero game of the year. The sheer gulf in quality between it and Gotham Knights – an oddly sort of Deep Impact to the Armageddon of superhero ensemble pieces where they all hang out in a big creepy building between missions – is, frankly, so wide that even The Hulk would struggle to leap it.

It's just really satisfying to one-shot Hydra goons without worrying about the concept of probability.

So, as you’ll hear in the video above, Dom and I have been absolutely sucked in by its satisfying tactical gameplay, its wholesome interpersonal dramas, and its surprisingly fleshed out off-mission activities where you explore the vast grounds of a spooky abbey and uncover centuries-old secrets about your family’s dark past. Lovely stuff. Check out my full review here if you want to know more, but rest assured that it’s one of the best games of the year, and for my money, Firaxis’ finest outing to date.

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