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XCOM: Enemy Unknown 'Slingshot' DLC launches next week, features Triads

XCOM: Enemy Unknown's 'Slingshot' DLC launches next week on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, and sees earth's defenders working alongside the Triad to repel an alien attack. Check out the details below.

Polygon reports that the pack will launch from December 4th at $6.99 / 560 Microsoft Points, and is the first of two packs promised by developer Firaxis.

The site adds that the DLC took them two hours to complete, and delivers a three-mission mini story arc that weaves into the core campaign, and offers you a new starting soldier with buffed stats. It features a Triad member called Zhang who wants protection in exchange for alien tech.

We'll have more once the pack launches. What do you think of the concept so far?

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