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Witchfire's Ghost Galleon update is here: Brace yourself for souls-style classes, more calamities, and the power of Gnosis

Dark magic, a ghost ship infested with demons, vault raiding - sounds like a good time.

Witchfire - Ghost Galleon update
Image credit: The Astronauts

The Astronauts have released the first feature content update for its dark fantasy first-person shooter Witchfire, currently in Early Access on the Epic Games Store.

Featuring a host of new content, including player classes, foes, new events, weapons, and spells the Ghost Galleon update also comes with a shop vendor offering interesting items.

Here's a look at the Ghost Galleon update out today for Witchfire.Watch on YouTube

Originally set to release last week, the update’s name refers to a Calamity event, which is a spectral ship filled with the demonic underlings of the Witch.

Alongside the new features available in the patch, Witchfire’s level progression and Calamity systems have been redesigned, based on Early Access feedback. You will begin the game with souls-style classes, granting boosts to certain stats and gear. These classes include Berserker, Hunter, Saint, Slayer, Shadow, and Penitent, which is the final class for those seeking an extra challenge.

A new feature, called Gnosis, will allow you to slightly over-level without a corresponding uptick in enemy difficulty. Gnosis is the understanding of dark magic, and as this occult knowledge expands, you gain power and uncover hidden paths and events. A separate entity that you level up in a special new location, there are ten levels of Gnosis to gain, each requiring a single select multiple-choice requirement to unlock and with each level, you earn a Witchfire multiplier.

The update also adds a Calamity Meter on the HUD, which calls attention to your actions and missteps that make calamities more likely. While deadly calamities will still arrive as punishment for missteps, thanks to the new meter, it will be clear how your actions triggered it.

To recap, the Ghost Galleon update features three new calamities, Vault Raiding, six new classes, five new weapons, four new spells, four redesigned spells, a new shop vendor, seven new magical items such as fetishes, rings, and relics, ten new or variant enemies, five new events, six new traps, redesigned calamities, along with Gnostic Knowledge and level progression. You can also expect some quality-of-life, updates, bug fixes, and more.

You can look over the list of patch notes here.

Available through Early Access on the Epic Games Store, details on a release timeline for the Witchfire 1.0 launch will be provided at a later date.

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