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Where to buy Kirby and the Forgotten Land: editions, deals and more

A few outlets have discounts for the new Nintendo Switch game.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land is out now on Nintendo Switch (its release date was 25th March 2022) and we're super excited to finally play the first 3D main adventure for Nintendo's pink balloon mascot.

The new Kirby game looks set to be, pardon the pun, an unforgettable adventure. The unveiling of the awesome-looking 'mouthful mode', where Kirby can take on the characteristics of cars and vending machines looks like this will be a fresh new take on Kirby's powers.

Here are some of the best places you can purchase Kirby and the Forgotten Land.

The best and cheapest places to buy Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Although Nintendo Switch games are rarely discounted, particularly the first-party stuff, the upcoming Kirby does seem to have decent offers on pre-orders. The most notable is Currys, where if you add the code 'SWNEXTDAY' at the checkout, you can save a fiver and get the title for just £39.99.

Not far behind are our friends at Base, who are selling for Kirby for just £41.85 instead of the £49.99 retail price. And if you prefer buying your games from ShopTo, they have Kirby on sale for £42.85. Although Game is selling Kirby and the Forgotten Land for the standard RRP, they are throwing in a UK exclusive Kirby mouse pad with purchases. For the same price of £49.99, My Nintendo Store is offering a free gift bundle that includes a free mouse pad and free magnet sheet, great for collectors of all things Nintendo, or if you want to sweeten the game's purchase for yourself or as a gift. You'll can also be entered into a competition for the chance to win an exclusive Kirby statue.

Our friends in the US aren't missing out either, with Amazon US knocking $5 off, a valid deal given how few discounts Nintendo games receive. Walmart is offering a neat Kirby popsocket with your order.



Kirby amiibos and toys

Nintendo has confirmed that those who own any Kirby series amiibo toys will be able to grab some extra in-game delights. And if you're looking for more Kirby in your life, take a look at the soft plush toys offered exclusively by Nintendo.



It looks like Kirby and the Forgotten Land will be residing in your Nintendo Switch's card slot for a while. In that case, help yourself to some great deals on micro SD cards for the Switch, so you can have other games saved and ready to play without having to ditch Kirby to the kerb.

And if you're on the lookout for any other title or an accessory for your Switch and other consoles, keep tabs on our Jelly Deals Twitter feed. We're always on the lookout for the latest discounts, including updates on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X console stock information.

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