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This "Kirby" cover of "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence is the best thing you'll see today

A bit of a lighthearted one, for the musically inclined.

Image credit: Moshibass | VG247

We’ve seen Kirby take on many shapes and sizes over the past decade or so, especially with the release of Kirby and the Forgotten Land. The latest mainline game saw Kirby inhaling - and becoming - cars, traffic cones, and much more. So, it shouldn’t come as much surprise that there’s a Kirby Otamatone in existence, too.

Now, this particular instrument is strange in and of itself. When you bring Kirby into the mix, you could even call it cursed. Kirby shouldn’t be prodded and squished into making strange noises, really, but we can’t deny that the Kirby Otamatone still has some charm and whimsy to it.

One YouTuber and music teacher - Moshibass - clearly feels the same way, too. They describe themselves as someone who likes to create covers using strange and unique instruments, with the otamatone being one of them.

In their latest video, they added the Kirby Otamatone to their band of instruments and produced a cover of Evanescence’s Bring Me To Life. Believe me when I say that nothing will prepare you for this, and just how surprisingly good it is. You can check it out by clicking the embed below, or watch it on YouTube here.

There’s absolutely no denying that I didn’t expect to see this today, and I’m personally blown away by Moshibass’ otamatone abilities, which is something I never thought I’d say. I’m even a little bit inspired to see what I can do with my own Kirby Otamatone, especially given Moshibass’ cover of Drowning Pool’s Bodies using a single Aggrestsuko Otamatone.

What do you reckon to these otamatone covers? Is the Kirby Otamatone stuff of nightmares, or does the talent on display make you forget, just for a moment, about this cursed Kirby-themed instrument?

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