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Weekly MMO news round-up: Star Trek, Warhammer, Alganon, more


Not much this week regarding MMOs that we didn't already cover with separate posts already, but there's still some stuff passed the break.

Here's just some of what we have for you this week:

Mythic has detailed City siege changes for Warhammer, shots of the Ascension expansion for Perfect World's Jade Dynasty popped up, Star Trek Online player progression was discuseed, and the open Beta for Alganon starts next Wednesday.

Find out about all of that and more below.

  • Massively has exclusive shots of the Ascension expansion for Perfect World's Jade Dynasty. The expansion adds two new factions, a new race, realm versus realm, aerial combat, and many other cool things. Check it out through the link.
  • The open Beta for Alganon goes live Wednesday, November 11. Good to know since the release for it was pushed back. Sign up for it here.
  • Mythic has outlined changes coming to Warhammer Online, specifically relating to City Siege. If you play the game, you really need to read up on this, and can do so through here.
  • Star Trek Online's associate producer Andy Velasquez, had a chat with Techulous where he talked all things space, spaceships, and player progression. Here is a taste: "Beyond just the Captain and Bridge Officer abilities, players in STO will be able progress through the various ships of the line. Starting out in a Light Cruiser, players will graduate into higher-end Science, Escort or Cruiser type ships. Getting new rifles, ability kits for ground play, upgraded deflector dishes for your starship or profession-specific console modifications for your starship are all different types of loots that players can acquire as they progress and create the ship and crew of their dreams. The player’s “character” is so much more than just a single avatar in Star Trek Online, which makes the concept of “player progression” very interesting." Sounds great. Now where the hell is our Beta key, Velasquez?
  • Face of Mankind: Rebirth has gone into the final phase of its closed Beta. The single server MMOFPS has players interacting via social conflict and politics between eight player-controlled factions, which are in sense permanent guilds you must stick with from the get-go. No hopping from one to the other is allowed, kiddos. These factions create missions for players, who will eventually be rewarded with monetary goodies and the subsequent experience. As you level, you can also level in your faction, ultimately controlling the way it's run and how well or unwell it gets along with rival or friendly factions. It sounds like a breath of fresh air to be honest, hopefully it turns out well.
  • Turbine released a video for the Shan-to-Kor adventure pack from DDO Unlimited. The dungeon is for players level 3-5 and is situated below the marketplace, where "ancient dungeons and caverns hide a long-lost relic, a legendary icon from when giants ruled Xen'drik. Fight your way through the Kobold Blockade and defeat the powerful hobgoblin leader of the Caverns of Shaagh to reach the Halls of Shan-to-Kor and retrieve your prize!". Check it out through here.
  • Frogster has released a new video for Bounty Bay Online, showing off the Beyond the Horizon expansion, which sets sail on November 26. You can check it out here.

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