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Warframe's next major update The Duviri Paradox is launching April 26

A new Warframe, Duviri quest, and other goodies await you later this month.

Warframe is getting another major update this month, as the Duviri Paradox is launching on PC, Xbox, PlayStation and Switch on April 26.

The update, which is a massive open world experience that adds a new rogue-like style quest, had previously been delayed for mysterious reasons. Soon, those who had been eager to jump in earlier in the year will be able to experience new story developments, gameplay mechanics, and all manner of unlockable stuff.

You can watch the new trailer for The Duviri Paradox here!

The Duviri Paradox is seemingly split between two paths: one where you play as your original character or one that sees you playing as The Drifter as they both experience different routes through the new content. You'll be able to play both regardless of your initial choice, but it certainly does point towards some interesting story developments with this update. As a rule of thumb, if The Drifter is involved, things are bound to get interesting.

Once you've finished the new quest, you get three choices as to what kind of content you'd like to take on next within Warframe's fourth open world map. 'The Circuit', which provides a new Warframe Only endless game mode, 'The Duviri Experience' which is a full open world adventure, and 'The Lone Story' for a solo narrative experience.

The update brings an upgraded melee system for The Drifter, Duviri Paradox specific updgrades in the form of Decrees, and a new Incarnon Genesis System that allows you to upgrade certain weapons and a variety of other side activities. All in all it looks pretty hefty, and well worth returning to the game for if you've been absent for some time.

We actually had a chat with Rebecca Ford back before The Duviri Paradox was delayed, if you'd fancy some insight into the update and the dev team's thought process when making it.

Will you be jumping back into Warframe come April 26? Let us know below, as well as what feature you're most excited for!

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