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Want an Elden Ring film? This is even better

Age of the Stars tells the story of Ranni the Witch and Blaidd the Wolf, in incredible detail.

Image credit: VaatiVidya

Are you confused by Elden Ring’s lore? In that case, you clearly haven’t been watching VaatiVidya on YouTube, who has dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to produce some of the best Elden Ring lore videos available.

Not just lore or Elden Ring, either. VaatiVidya has created entire movies that turn complex, scattered lore into linear storytelling for most FromSoftware games. However, their latest endeavor is ‘An Elden Ring Movie: Age of the Stars’ which tells the increasingly complicated story of everyone's favorite witch, Ranni, and her companion Blaidd the Wolf.

Age of the Stars starts with a beautiful animation from Xavier Lesieu, using the artwork of John Devlin.

In addition, the music for the movie has been created by Arcane Bard Audio, and it’s clear to see that an impressive amount of time, consideration, and hard work goes into creating these fantastic retellings of Elden Ring’s expansive story.

Following the animation, the story continues to be told with accompanying gameplay, and you’ll get glimpses of characters such as Rennala, Radahn, and more. More importantly, this particular movie also helped me finally figure out how the f**k each character is related to each other.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Elden Ring as much as the next person, but keeping up with who was who and how they were all related was regularly lost on me. Let’s not even forget about all the hidden lore to be found in various notes, missable side quests, item descriptions, and beyond. I can only imagine what upcoming DLC, Shadows of the Erdtree, will be adding to the game. And I certainly look forward to what VaatiVidya eventually makes of it already.

VaatiVidya isn’t new to making FromSoftware’s lore more accessible to those of us who have the attention span of an internet user in the year of 2023. There’s plenty other Elden Ring movies available, including The Blessing of Despair and Age of the Duskborn, detailing other parts of Elden Ring’s branching story.

Not only are the videos made up of gorgeous animations and gameplay itself, but you have the soothing voice of VaatiVidya narrating them all, turning all of this intricate lore into a digestible tale. There’s good news for Souls fans, too, as VaatiVidya has been doing this for over a decade, and has a breadth of Dark Souls movies to show for it.

All in all, VaatiVidya’s work is incredibly impressive, and over time, only continues to become bigger, better, and more beautiful as a result. If you’re not too sure what to fall asleep to tonight, let it be one of VaatiVidya’s FromSoftware stories.

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