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Superhot meets Max Payne in this action-packed Unreal Engine 5 showcase

One of the best bits of UE5 action we've seen yet

Another day, another excellent Unreal Engine 5 project out in the wild to stare slack-jawed at. This time around, it’s a truly excellent first person shooter project from Reddit user Vreski who has recently shown off an extended gameplay demo of a high-intensity gunfight packed with slow motion bullet dives and explosions of tables, chairs, and bloody gory bits.

Published on the Unreal Engine Reddit, there’s a full forty five seconds of pure action on display and all packaged inside Unreal Engine 5. Another user, Chonky_Boah states it’s Superhot meets Max Payne and we couldn’t agree more. Not since the red and white first person shooter has slow motion ever looked so rad, and it’s been a while since we’ve seen a full-body leap through a firefight, but somehow this demo captures both experiences perfectly in such a short amount of time.

Watch on YouTube

Taking a look at their Youtube channel, we can see a vast collection of different locales and destructible environments for this sort of UE5 action, including a car park, a lovely flower bed, an industrial rooftop, and a series of suspiciously flimsy wooden doors.

If you’re getting the impression that this isn’t Vreski or their team’s first time creating an action game, you’d be right. They were also responsible for The Hong Kong Massacre, a top down shooter inspired by hard boiled revenge stories and cinema. With this context in mind, it’s clear exactly what kind of experience they’re attempting to bring to life with Unreal Engine 5.

While this project is currently untitled, it’s absolutely one to keep an eye on going forward. This joins a constantly growing selection of amazing looking Unreal Engine 5 titles in development - including this stunning Halo 5 fan project, and this gunplay demo featuring a cute squirrel and an arsenal of deadly weapons.

Check out this trailer for Sword of Symphony - another brilliant UE5 project in the works right now.

What do you think of this Unreal Engine 5 project? Can you see yourself picking up a full game in this style? Let us know below!

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