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Ubisoft is bringing Steep, Rayman Legends, Just Dance 2017 to Nintendo Switch

Ubisoft has revealed the initial round of games it'll be releasing on the Nintendo Switch.

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Ubisoft confirmed three titles for the Nintendo Switch. Following the console's official reveal event, more and more publishers are starting to show their hands.

The three confirmed games so far are Rayman Legends Definitive Edition, Just Dance 2017, and Steep. Just Dance will be released at the console's launch, making it the first Ubisoft game on the console.

The track 'How Deep is Your Love' by Calvin Harris & Disciples will be available exclusively on the Switch via Just Dance Unlimited. This joins the 40 other tracks available in the game, all making their way to the Switch. Ubisoft is also giving Switch players three months of free access to Just Dance Unlimited.

Up to six players can play the game at the same time using the Joy-Con controllers.

Rayman Legends Definitive Edition includes existing features like Kung Foot as well as some new additions. Ubisoft did not detail the new features, or if any other enhancements will be made to that version. The publisher did say, however, it'll make use of the console's unique controllers.

As for Steep, the Switch version will offer the same connected world available now on other platforms. No Switch-specific features were shared, though.

Ubisoft also said it has more games in development, and promised to share more later this year. Release dates for Rayman and Steep were not provided.

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