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Ubisoft developing current and next-gen titles in tandem, Watch Dogs still on for 2013

Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot has said the firm is currently developing titles for current and next-gen systems simultaneously, and reiterated a 2013 release for Watch Dogs during a financial call to investors today.

According to Guillemot, costs for development on next-gen systems was not known, as the firm is working on the titles alongside current-gen systems offerings.

"For the first two years [of next gen development], because we are making our games on next gen and old gen at the same time, we expect the overall [development] costs will not increase," he said. "We don't know about the third year, when we will take full advantage of the capacity of the consoles."

Guillemot expects revenue per product to increase" and said the "lifespan of next generation games will be longer," due to new and current game elements such as microtransactions.

Titles in development for next-gen weren't mentioned, but for next year's slate, Guillemot re-confirmed Watch Dogs will release during 2013.

As for Wii U, Guillemot said Ubisoft is becoming "more and more positive" regarding the console's launch, and expects 6% of the company's sales during the second half of the current financial year to come from Wii U software sales.

"Wii U will drive the industry next year," Guillemot said.

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