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Twitch Plays PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds comes third in a match, makes us worry about the rest of you

Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is supposed to be really hard, so why does the equivalent of mashing random keys have better scores than the majority of players?

Twitch Plays PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is the latest gift of crowd-controlled, livestreamed video game bots, and it's, uh, better than a lot of actual human players. Many of you are still working on breaking into the top ten, but Twitch Plays PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds managed to take third recently.

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It's going to be hugely embarrassing if Twitch Plays PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds gets a chicken dinner before you do. We've published several sets of tips but since you're probably well aware of the basics right now, my pick of the lot is Sherif's veteran PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds strategies.

Just as a reminder in case you've forgotten this phenomenon, Twitch Plays is when someone hooks Twitch chat up to a bot that feeds the commands into a video game. As soon as the stream gains even a handful of viewers it descends into chaos as everyone screams LEFT LEFT MENU LEFT MENU ATTACK and whatever, and even when everyone works together and really tries, it's very difficult to get anything to happen.

Nevertheless, in the same way those infinite monkeys with typewriters will eventually produce the works of Shakespeare, somehow or other Twitch Plays bots have finished every Pokemon game and had a good old try at games like Dark Souls and more. So far, Twitch Plays PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has "only" managed to come third, both solo and as a group, but it'll get there eventually, no doubt.

Have you had much success in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds? If good old Twitch Plays can get so close to winning, so can you.

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