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You can actually tuck your plushies into bed in Stardew Valley

After 2000 hours, one player finally discovered the adorable secret.

Image credit: VG247 | ConcernedApe

Stardew Valley is full of secrets and surprises for players to discover. Those with hundreds upon hundreds of hours in the farming simulator will still make revelations as they decorate their farms or begin new runs. One Stardew Valley player with 2000 hours has done just that, and the community is flabbergasted by the small but charming discovery.

First reported by GamesRadar and shared on the Stardew Valley subreddit, this player has found that we can actually tuck our plushies into the beds inside of our cabins. They explained that they had 2000+ hours in the game when they made this accidental discovery.

It’s not clear whether the ability to tuck your plushies into bed has always been present, or if it was quietly added in one of the many updates dished out by creator, ConcernedApe. Either way, the Stardew Valley community is enamored by the discovery, with most players also being completely unaware of the fact that we can tuck plushies in for a good night's rest.

I’ve played plenty of Stardew Valley over the years, and have also never seen this myself, but it is a charming discovery. Stardew Valley is adored for just how heartwarming it is and how wonderfully-developed the world and its characters are. Small community revelations like this are just part of what makes the game so appealing to so many.

If you want to go ahead and pop your big bear or Junimo into bed instead of your children in Stardew Valley, all you need to do is move your furniture around. Reddit user u/youkaymelis, who made the discovery, shared that they’d upgraded their house and then began to move things around. When they tried to place one of their plushies between two beds, it didn’t quite work out, and the plush ended up tucked up into bed instead.

Other Stardew Valley players are just as shocked by the small discovery, claiming “this is the greatest discovery in a while,” and “that’s so cute and wholesome! I’m going to turn my children into doves and replace them with plushies!” Nice.

What do you reckon about the discovery? Will you be tucking your plushies into bed and forcing your children to sleep on the floor next time you boot up Stardew Valley? Let us know!

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