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Trine devs to announce new game at E3 with Atlus


Frozenbyte has said that during E3 it will announce a new digital distribution title to be published by Atlus in 2011.

The press release only said that the game would be announced at E3, and nothing more was added other than your standard press release comments, so we decided to post one those for you below:

"We couldn't be happier signing our new game with Atlus. As an independent developer we felt that partnering with a publisher who is flexible and shares our vision of the game was the best way to bring the game out to a large audience," said Lauri Hyvärinen, CEO of Frozenbyte. "We can't wait to unveil the mystery - I'm confident that we're creating one of the best titles of 2011".

As much as people seemed to love Trine, and as popular as Atlus is with gamers, this is bound to be good news for folks who are fans of both.

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