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European PSN release of Trine 2 "will be delayed a short while longer"

Atlus has announced the European release of Trine 2 on PS3 will be delayed "a short while longer" after having already missed December release window.

The PSN version of the was released in December in the US, but was delayed in Europe due not passing SCEE's QA process. As of early January, it was still in limbo, and it looks like it still might be a while yet.

"We sincerely apologize for the frustration this ongoing delay has caused our European fans, as it is a frustration we (ATLUS and Frozenbyte) also share, read the statement. "We assure the community that everything within our influence is being done to release Trine 2 for PAL PS3 system users as soon as possible, and we humbly ask for our fans' continued patience and understanding."

The XBL and PC versions are available now.

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