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Tommy to play an important role in Prey 2

Those worried about whether Tommy will have a presence in Prey 2 or not due to the game having a new playable character, should stop fretting: Human Head has said he has a role to play in the sequel.

“He’s a character that you encounter many times throughout the game,” Chris Rhinehart told IGN. “It’s not just a single cameo where he shows up and takes off. He’s integral to the story and events on Exodus. One of the big things is, the unique abilities that Tommy has, specifically spirit walk and death walk, are integral to his role and how he actually fits into the story.”

Rhinehart said the team always planned to include Tommy, but wanted to tell other stories in the Prey universe which is why he isn't the main protagonist.

"Really what it comes down to is we wanted to tell other stories in the Prey universe," he said. "We wanted to expand it and show the breadth of this universe that we were creating. New character, different mechanics, new visuals, but Tommy is still a critical character."

Prey 2 is expected in March for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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