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There's a lot of talk about a Prey 2 revival at E3 2016

2016 may be the year that sees the return of Prey 2.


There's a lot of talk about a Prey 2 revival at E3 2016

Thanks to a recent update to a couple of Prey domains, the internet started has once again started talking about the long lost shooter. and were both recently updated to redirect to a hidden Facebook page that's not yet live.

Updates like these are usually done in anticipation of big announcements, and with E3 inching closer and closer, this could indicate Bethesda is due to re-announcing the game next month.

Prey fansite Alien Noire tweeted that an announcement will be made on June 14, the first day of E3. Seeing as Bethesda's conference falls on Sunday, June 12, this could be an error on their part.

Whatever it ends up being, it will probably be completely reworked, and may very well look quite a bit different from the E3 2011 demo that generated so much buzz.

In 2014, Bethesda said Prey 2 has been cancelled. The news wasn't officially announced, but was rather dropped - seemingly casually - during an interview with Bethesda VP Pete Hines.

The year before that, a round of leaked internal emails suggested original developer Human Head had been taken off the project. Arkane Austin was said to be Prey 2's new home, which, when put in context, means the game was never outright cancelled.

Bethesda's E3 2016 briefing starts 7am PDT on June 12.

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