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THQ has "some really interesting announcements in the future" for Homefront

THQ's Danny Bilson has said despite the closure of Kaos Studios, the firm is planning on releasing more Homefront titles in the future.

Speaking with Eurogamer, Bilson said THQ learned from its mistakes with the first one, and there are some "interesting" plans in place for the franchise going forward.

"Everything we learned from Homefront you'll see executed in other games going forward, and including that franchise going forward. We'll have some really interesting announcements in the future about the future of that brand," he said.

"It was a tremendous learning experience for us. We learned a lot about managing dedicated servers. We got very ambitious with dedicated servers. I put a lot of myself into that effort on that game. I learned a lot.

"I still think it's creatively a fantastic game, a great place to go. The environmental storytelling is excellent. The marketing was wonderful. That brand resonated with a lot of people emotionally.

"We sold through a million units in a week. That's huge on a brand new IP, [but] I would like to get to a place where we don't get mixed reviews, we get all great reviews, as certain games get. We had 40 reviews over 80. 40. And some that were just down in the bottom.

"I don't want to have games that are so controversial on quality. I want to have consistency across everybody's experience with them."

The closure of Kaos Studios was announced yesterday and future development on the Homefront series has been handed over to THQ Montreal.

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