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The Surge 2 Warden Garcia Boss - How to Defeat Warden Garcia

Here's how to defeat Warden Garcia in The Surge 2.

In The Surge 2, the first boss you'll be going up against is called Warden Garcia, and it's them that stands in the way of you getting into Jericho City. In our Surge 2 Warden Garcia boss guide, we'll be detailing how you can defeat Warden Garcia as easily as possible, and all the rewards you'll obtain from beating the boss.

The Surge 2 Warden Garcia

At the beginning of The Surge 2, you start off waking up in a ruined prison. From there, you'll eventually stumble upon your first Med Bay, which is a station that lets you upgrade your character, and save the game. A short walk up the hallway from this Med Bay, and you'll run into Warden Garcia.

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Warden Garcia looks a lot like your character, featuring the same exosuit body armor and one bladed weapon in his right hand. He also sports a drone that hovers above him, that will periodically shoot out a bolt of energy at you. The telltale sign for this attack is a red laser focusing in on you, and since the drone doesn't stick directly above Warden Garcia, be prepared for it to begin targeting you from any angle.

If you see Warden Garcia stand still and pump his arms, he's about to let loose with a few fiery grenades. These blanket the ground in front of him in a large line with fire, which will damage you if you're either caught in the immediate blast, or step into the fire while it's still burning. You can avoid the grenades by either moving back and letting the Warden come to you, or by dodging forward through the grenades before they land and explode.

Warden Garcia's Weaknesses

Warden Garcia doesn't have a specific weakness per se, since at this point in The Surge 2 you're fighting with pretty limited weaponry and capabilities. However, he functions just like every other humanoid enemy you've encountered so far in the game: he has body parts you can manually target.

The left arm of Warden Garcia is his weak point. You can tell this by pressing the right analog stick in to lock on to him, and then moving the stick around to target the different parts of his body. If you target his left arm, you'll notice that a blue circle will appear next to it, which denotes a weak spot, unprotected by armor.

Throughout the fight with Warden Garcia, you'll want to be locked onto his left arm. Make sure you hit with a quick few attacks, and then back off, because you want to have enough stamina left to dodge either the Warden's attacks, or the laser beam from his drone.

Rewards From Beating Warden Garcia

After the fight is over, you'll obtain a set amount of Tech Scrap, the currency that you upgrade your attributes with in The Surge 2. However if you head up the stairs on the left of the arena, you'll find a module for the Warden's drone waiting for you at the top.

In your inventory, you can now equip this module to you, and then press Y/Triangle to have the drone come out and shoot an enemy that you're targeting. Don't forget to use this ability later in The Surge 2, because it can come in handy when you need a quick edge in combat.

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