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The Sentinel update is out today for No Man's Sky

Fight alongside your own personal robotic companions.

The Sentinel update is now available to No Man's Sky players, and it features new foes, a total overhaul of weapon systems, new lore and stories, all-new Sentinel enemies and combat behaviors, the ability to reprogram and adopt your very own friendly AI drone, and more./

The update comes with three different types of Sentinel Drones: Heavy Combat Drones, Repair Drones, and Summoner Drones. Sentinel drone navigation has been reworked, they now deploy static combat shields, and a new high-level Sentinel has been added, the Hardframe Battle Mech.

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You can also expect PC support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0 with the update, VR image quality has been improved for PS4 Pro, and for PC players with a compatible RTX card, support for Nvidia DLAA has been enabled. And, for PC players with a compatible RTX card, Nvidia DLSS support has been upgraded to version 2.3.0.

Several physics optimizations, load time optimizations, and many memory optimizations have been introduced with the patch.

It also adds new technology to the Space Anomaly, the Minotaur AI Autopilot. With the AI active and the player on foot, the Minotaur will attempt to follow the player and assist them in combat.

A new class of weapon has been added – the Neutron Cannon - which is a charged energy weapon that does not use projectile ammunition. A new class of secondary grenade launcher has been added – the Paralysis Mortar, and a new secondary Multi-Tool utility has been added, the Cloaking Device.

When it comes to weapons and combat, the sentinels now deploy their forces in greater numbers, to create more dramatic firefights. Plasma Grenades now deal only 10% of their full damage to the player who fired them, reducing the risk of a fatal accident, the base damage of the Pulse Spitter has been increased. heavy weapons (such as the Blaze Javelin or Scatter Blaster) now use a stronger recoil animation, and weapon projectiles now apply an impulse to Sentinel drones, pushing them backward.

Some quality of life updates are also included in the patch. For instance, teleporting between destinations in the same system has been made significantly faster, the cap on owned Multi-Tools has been increased from three to six, consumable food items now describe in their popup what sort of effect they will have, and more.

Improvements have been made to VFX, some base building issues have been addressed, the maximum number of companions has been increased from six to 18, a new building type, the Sentinel Pillar, can now be found on planets across the universe, and the Exobiology Expedition will begin soon.

This is just a taste of what to expect with the update, so you will want to look over the entire patch notes on the official website.

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