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No Man's Sky Echoes teased as its 7 year anniversary soars past

In a short montage going through the game's history, a new update has been teased.

No Man's Sky Echoes logo reveal
Image credit: Hello Games

Hello Games has teased the future No Man's Sky update at the end of a seven year montage video released today, alongside the message "our journey continues" - hinting towards continued work on the sci-fi space adventure game.

Published on the Hello Games YouTube Channel, the montage is frankly a heartfelt send-up to the last seven years of No Man's Sky. From the launch, all the way through to the major updates we've seen over the year up until today. When it comes to the Echoes update itself - we know precious little about it.

You can, however, dig into the logo itself. the E's are phased in first, and phased out last. In addition, they're written out as three horizontal lines - a symbol not found in any of the in-game glyphs or environments (atleast from what we could find). Perhaps a brand new avenue for adventure awaits fans of No Man's Sky, who have at this point explored the far corners of the universe.

As a side note, it is nice to see that No Man's Sky has remained present and seemingly popular after all these years. The early controversies remain legendary, as is the redemption story for the game and developer. Live service games continue to fall like flies these days, and Hello Games has managed to navigate these perilous times in a deft fashion.

Do you think you'll jump back for this update, or have you been around since day one? Let us know your story with No Man's Sky below!

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