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The PC version of Minecraft just got an update

Six years after release, Minecraft is still receiving regular updates.


The update, entitled Minecraft snapshot 15w36c, brings a handful of changes to Minecraft's 20 million PC and Mac players.

Mojang have rounded up the changes on their website, although they've kept up their tradition of slipping a few nonsense changes in there as well.

Those changes are:

  • Rebalanced armour.
  • Changed damage & protection enchantments to match new armour system.
  • Fixed a few AI bugs across lots of mobs.
  • Made endermen creepy again.
  • Vwooop.
  • More optimisations! Many optimisations!
  • Added player collision again.
  • Fishing rods can now catch entities properly again.
  • Added team-based options for collision.
  • The world may corrupt slightly less times now! Or slightly more, we’re not sure!
  • I like hugs!

This is all fairly tongue-in-cheek, of course, but it sounds like there are AI fixes, a return of player collision detection, improved fishing rods and possibly less issues with world corruption.

Thanks, PCGamesN.

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