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The PC version of Final Fantasy 15 won't require 170GB after all

The Final Fantasy 15 PC recommended specs that Square Enix provided earlier this week were in fact not correct.

This includes the GTX 1080Ti listed as a recommended GPU, as well as the massive 170GB space requirement. This all was a result of a miscommunication on the publisher's part.

Game director Hajime Tabata confirmed to Kotaku at gamescom that the specs were actually those of the PCs running the demo on that day.

"That was a communications mistake - something got put in a memo that really shouldn't have," he said through a translator. "What that is [the specifications that went out to press] based on the specs that we're running the demo on today."

The demo machines were running the game at 4K, hence the beefy requirements reported yesterday. On the same PCs, the game averaged 30fps, which is what the specs could do at 4K, at this point in development.

kingsglaive_final_fantasy_15 (7)

Tabata also stressed that the final specifications for the release version have not been finalised yet. "There's a very good chance they can change," the veteran designer added.

"Someone put that in there and it got reported as the recommended specs, but that's not the final fixed version."

Final Fantasy 15 is targeting an early 2018 release date on PC.

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