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The For Honor beta delivered stable frame-rates on both PS4 & PS4 Pro, but the latter has the edge in image quality

You won't need a PlayStation 4 Pro to enjoy For Honor as it was intended, only if you appreciate the little details.

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The For Honor beta wrapped up recently to a mostly positive response. The beta was available on all platforms, including PS4 Pro.

In the video, Digital Foundry reports its findings after testing the beta on both the standard PS4 as well as PS4 Pro, to analyse the frame-rate and overall visual quality.

In terms of resolution, the standard version is running at a native 1080p, compared to 1440p on PS4. That said, the image quality actually looks sharper than many other 1440p titles, and can easily pass for 4K at a distance, according to the site.

The Pro continues its lead in visual quality with an upgrade to texture detail, and a slight improvement to ambient occlusion that result in an overall cleaner image with more depth.

As for frame-rate, the game holds the 30fps target fairly well on both consoles. The regular PS4 drops some frames here and there, but the analysis mentions it doesn't affect gameplay. The footage shown was captured from the 4v4 Dominion mode, too, which is the most taxing mode by far.

Although the frame-rate is not unlocked on PS4 Pro, it maintains the 30fps target more closely - a near locked presentation.

For Honor is due for an open beta February 9-12. The game officially releases February 14.

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