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How to unlock The Evil Within's frame rate (and other goodies)

The Evil Within offers PC players a suite of debug commands allowing them to bypass the 30 fps lock - and cheat.


The Evil Within PC players will need to do a bit of prep work to access the debug console.

In Steam, right click on the game's title, select Properties, and navigate to the General tab. Enter the text "+com_allowconsole 1 _" (without the quotes). The console pane can then be accessed by hitting the Insert key on your keyboard.

The Evil Within is locked at 30 fps by default, but here are the console commands for unlocking the frame rate, along with caveats for doing so, direct from the Bethesda forums:


    Sets the FPS lock. Note that the numbers below are negative.
  • -2: This is the default, set to 30 FPS. This is the officially supported frame rate
  • -1: This sets the FPS limit to 60. Fully playable, although there may be quirks (we’re going to fix these).
  • 0: This fully unlocks the FPS. We do not recommend playing above 60. We will not fix any issues above 60.

There are plenty of other debug commands to mess around with, too; here's the full list.

  • God
    God mode. You are effectively invincible, and certain enemy kill moves will not be used against you (Laura, for example, will not jump on you)
  • Noclip
    Allows you to walk through walls
  • G_infiniteammo
    Unlimited ammo (provided you have at least 1 bullet when you enable this)
  • G_stoptime 1
    Stops time. Note there is a bug right now where using this command causes a UI element to appear on screen. We’re looking to fix that in the near future.
    Re enable time with g_stoptime 0
  • Toggledebugcamera
    Separates the camera from Sebastian so you can freely move around the [environment]
  • R_forceaspectratio
    Sets the aspect ratio. Default is 2.5, which is our official aspect ratio.
    0 is full screen, but not ideal. 1.8 or 2 is probably most comfortable for those who don’t want bars.
  • Com_showFPS
    Turns on id’s native FPS counter
  • Startslowmotion2
    Slows down time
  • Stopslowmotion
    Disables slow motion

These tools will allow for some great screenshots. The Evil Within arrives on PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on October 14 in North America and Europe, and October 16 in Australia. Check out how it looks with gore mode on and off, and read the first Evil Within review.

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