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New Wolfenstein, The Evil Within, and Tekken comics are coming this December

If you're a comic fan, some new videogame tie-ins are going to release next month - all on the same day, in fact.

On December 19 (well before that Bloodborne comic we're quite looking forward to drops), three new trade collections of videogame comics will launch, courtesy of Dark Horse. Tekken: Blood Feud and Wolfenstein Volume 1 will both be trade paperbacks, while The Evil Within: Interlude will be hardback.

Wolfenstein volume 1 is a prequel to The New Colossus, written by Dan Watters and with rt by Piotr Kowalski and Ronilson Freire. Here's the synopsis:

It’s 1960, the Nazis won the war, and a small band of outsiders fight to survive in occupied America. But the relative peace of their sanctuary is shattered by the arrival of Nazis on the hunt for some top-secret quarry. But they’re not the only new faces. A strange old lady has a tale to tell of the legendary Nazi hunter - B.J “Terror Billy” Blazkowicz

The Evil Within: Interlude is a shorter volume than the others, standing at 64 pages, and it fits in between The Evil Within 1 and 2 plot-wise. It's written by Ryan O'Sullivan, with art by Szymon Kudranski and Damien Worm. Again, a synopsis:

Still reeling from the horrific events that took place at Beacon Mental Hospital and the apparent death of his daughter, Detective Sebastian Castellanos is a man on the edge. Now a brand new case threatens to further test his sanity, as Sebastian finds himself thrown back into a world of nightmares and bloody violence!

Tekken: Blood Feud was written by Cavan Scott, with art by Andie Tong. This one doesn't say outright when it's set, but then the Tekken mythology is a bit harder to follow, anyway. Here's what it's about:

With a history colored by betrayal and bloody violence, the Mishima Clan are not your average family. Now something emerges that threatens to tear not only this broken dynasty - but the entire known universe - asunder! It's going to take the world's best fighters to combat this ancient evil - the King of the Iron Fist Tournament awaits!

All three comics will cost $16.99.

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