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The Elder Scrolls Online: Imperial Edition pops up on Amazon

The Elder Scrolls Online may release with a very shiny collector's version known as the Imperial Edition.

Seriously dudes send me a beta invite already

According to an image hosted on Amazon's servers and spotted by AllGamesBeta, the Imperial Edition includes a number of in-game and physical goodies.

In addition to collector's edition packaging and a steelbook case, there's a 12" Molag Bal statue, an illustrated guide to Tamriel, and a map of Tamriel.

In-game, purchasers will receive Rings of Mara, a white Imperial steed, a mudcrab vanity pet, and the ability to play as an Imperial in any alliance. This is all very thematic as the ultimate goal of The Elder Scrolls Online is to become emperor, and the land is divided into three factions, normally restricted by race.

The image shows the Imperial Edition coming to PlayStation 4, but it cannot be considered confirmed as it is not publicly searchable, nor linked from the core version's page.

We also can't tell if this edition will come to Mac and PC when the MMO launches on April 4, or to Xbox One when the console versions go live in June. Sony and Bethesda are a bit infatuated with each other at the moment, as evidenced by TESO's appearance at Sony's E3 PS4 event and the waiving of the PS Plus subscription requirement, so it's possible this might be a platform exclusive.

We've asked Bethesda for more information.

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