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The Division patch 1.6: Tenebrae exotic marksman rifle review

The Tenebrae is a solid marksman rifle for skill-focused builds.

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The Division's patch 1.6 is currently being tested by players in the PTS. The list of changes 1.6 has made to the game is massive, and you can bet weapon balancing is included in the notes.

Tenebrae, an exotic marksman rifle, has received a balance pass, and in the video above, Arekkz reviews the current version and how much has changed since the weapon first launched.

Being a SCAR-H variant means this weapon has some of the highest damage potential in PvE, to compensate for its relatively small magazine size (20 by default). The Tenebrae has 149% headshot damage, and an RPM of 275.

Lights Out is the main new addition here. This Talent resets skill cooldowns for you and nearby group members every time you destroy an enemy weak point. This can happen once every ten seconds, and is a great asset for skill-focused builds.

Though this works great in Incursions and similar team-oriented activities, this particular skill cooldown effect is situational, given that you need to always be on the lookout for those weak points.

Even not including the Talent in the assessment, Tenebrae is still a decent options for high-accuracy players who want to get rewarded for landing headshots.

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