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The Division: best tactics to get you to the end game

You've had days to play around. Now it's time to get serious.


The Division: best tactics to get you to the end game

The Division is many things. One of those things is a tactical shooter. It has a level cap of 30 and you need to get there.

We're going to assume you already understand the basics. If you're still standing around in a red circle and wondering why your controller is vibrating then there's not much hope for you. And yes, shoot the tanks on the back of the Cleaners. Right, now that's done, let's talk about tactics that will get you and your squad (remember, if you're looking for a group to play The Division, our partners at have the perfect LFG solution) through to the end game.

It's worth bearing in mind that these tactics contradict each other. You'll have to apply them as the situation demands. If you're in a group of four you can be a little looser, but teams of two (or solo) should be more calculated in their attacking and defense. Sometimes you have to grit your teeth and stay in cover, picking away at enemies slowly. Othertimes you'll be free to go batshit on their asses.

General tactics

  • Never leave a man behind: people die. It happens to the best of us. If it's not going to cost your own life, save a downed agent. Strength is in numbers.
  • Never go lone wolf: you will die which means the team is one man down and we have to fanny about rezzing you. Don't be selfish.
  • Scope out areas first: you have scopes, you have the Pulse, you have cover and plenty of higher ground. Get a handle on the environment, potential cover and number of enemies before engaging.
  • Note restock boxes: you'll run dry of ammo. It's inevitable. But there's always plentiful restock caches around the map. Find them and use them.
  • Use your mic: communicate your intentions and plans. Ask questions if you're not sure. Don't trash talk, be rude or huff if something goes wrong. Be polite, don't be a jackass.
  • Emote: sometimes a well-placed salute will make your team-mate's day. Everyone likes to know they've done a good job.

Okay, now we're all friends communicating on the same level, let's get into some classic tactical approaches that will help us progress with purpose and have fun while we're doing it.


Turrets box enemies in

The turret perk is one of the best in the game and at least one of your squad should always have it. It's not so much that it does a lot of damage, but it acts as a great distraction. Enemies will run up on it or concentrate their fire at it. You should then aim for their heads. Turrets can also keep enemies pinned down or contained in a specific spot, meaning they won't be able to move up on you.

Dealing with snipers

Snipers are a problem in The Division. They're hard to initially spot, they'll pin you down and they can kill with one shot. If you're up against multiple snipers you'll really feel the pressure and become afraid to peek over cover. You have to use some of their own tactics against them.

Firstly, snipers have a "tell". When you see what looks like torch light, it means they're out for cover and aiming at you. This is your cue to pop up and take a few shots if you have a marksman rifle or equivalent. If there are snipers on the field and only a few other grunts, have someone with a marksman rifle concentrate on the sniper exclusively while the rest of the team take out the adds.

Another tactic is to get a player with a LMG to concentrate fire on a sniper to suppress them, while another closes in and flanks them. The Tactical Advance talent lets you move from cover to cover using A, and each time you use it it increases damage. This means that by the time you've ran a covered path to the sniper you'll be able to unload a full clip and put them down quicker than a rabid dog.

The sniper's biggest weakness is they're sidearm is usually laughable. If you ever get close enough to rush a sniper, they'll switch to a farting pistol, allowing you to spray them in the face.


Stand your ground

In a firefight with plenty of enemies, it's worth finding a spot you can defend that only has one or two approach points. Hunker down with your squad and let the enemies come to you. Take out any runners with axes or baseball bats first, then concentrate on the rest of enemies. Make sure someone on the team has the first aid perk and you can stay close and heal multiple members at the same time. You don't always have to rush forward. Which brings us to…

There's no shame in running away

Or rather, a tactical retreat. In smaller buildings it's better to trigger the enemy attack and then retreat through a doorway or down a corridor to funnel enemies into your fire. This naturally pushes your team to concentrate fire on a single enemy at a time.

Don't stop moving

Where you have the space, such as in Times Square and other larger outdoor arenas, there's plenty of room to use movement to your advantage. When attacked by lots of enemies, keep moving, trying to outflank them and staying out of the range of grenade spam. Have one team member suppress any problem enemies with gunfire while the others head to a better position such as higher ground. Break out of the habit of fighting as if you're in a corridor. In large environments, it's possible to run all the way around and behind the enemy. Use the freedom to your advantage.


Confuse bosses

Bosses are easy to confuse once the adds are taken care of. Split your team and attack from two opposite directions. The boss will most likely try and flip between the two, meaning one of you can always shoot it in the back. When it turns to tackle you, do the same from the other side. Tag team that fool to his grave.

Enemies have the same gear as you

You'll get sick of grenade spam pretty soon. If you're getting spammed by red circles, move. Even better, when you see an enemy with a grenade icon above their head and a moving timer, pop up and shoot them; they should drop it on their own lap. The same goes for enemies with a spanner icon above their heads. They're setting up a turret which can really chip away at your health, so unload when you see the timer.

Concentrate your fire

Firefights can get overwhelming with a lot of enemies gunning for you. Use your mic and concentrate your fire on one at a time to take them down quickly. It's far more effective than all four of you chipping away at different targets and leaving multiple enemies on the field to run from cover to cover, spraying bullets back at you.

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