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Where to find The Cycle Frontier's Janitor Key and what to use it for

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The Cycle Frontier Janitor’s Key is a common item you’ll probably run across several times, though it only has one use. Like most things in The Cycle Frontier, the game is happy to let you wander around and try figuring it out yourself, though. The Janitor’s Key unlocks a basement area on The Cycle Frontier’s second map, giving you a chance at snagging some good loot before someone else gets it first.

Where do you find a Janitor’s Key in The Cycle Frontier?

If you’re looking for the Janitor’s Key, you’ll have a chance of finding one in a safe, jacket, or desk. The Janitor’s Key in particular is fairly common, so check most of the previously inhabited areas.

Some players have reported finding them lying around on desks in the Waterfall Labs area on the first map, which is as good a place to start as any. Try and keep your searches on the Bright Sands map if you’re just starting out. Crescent Falls is much more dangerous until you have some decent equipment.

You may end up finding more than one key, but there’s only a need for one of them. Feel free to sell any extra Janitor’s Keys you come across for an easy 200 marks.

Where do you use the Janitor’s Key in The Cycle Frontier?

The Janitor’s Key is only usable in one place: the Starport Admin complex on the Crescent Falls map. It’s the sprawling building near the map’s center, though most of the lockers and doors you can use the key on are in the basement.

Even though the game labels it a common key, you have a pretty solid chance of finding good loot – assuming someone else hasn’t grabbed it first. Since Crescent Falls is the more difficult map and there’s absolutely no in-game indication of what the Janitor’s Key is for, it’s a bit less likely that’ll be the case here, though.

If you're after some crafting materials to make backpacks with, make sure to grab some textiles while you're wandering the wilds.

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