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The Crew designer confident racing MMO won't suffer launch disasters

The Crew follows on from a number of pretty awful online-focused game launches this year, but Ubisoft is hopeful the racing MMO won't suffer the same fate as Halo: The Master Chief Collection or DriveClub.


The Crew has enjoyed a long testing period, and lead game designer Serkan Hasan believes this has left Ubisoft prepared for the rigours of launch day.

"For The Crew, we’ve reaped the benefits of a long term beta program, designed specifically to push our infrastructure as far as possible in real world situations, with thousands of players from all over the world playing the game at the same time," he told The Metropolist.

"The launch of any online game these days has potential issues but I hope that players will be encouraged by our open approach. If you had any doubts that we could pull this off, I hope that the betas proved our credentials and the game’s stability."

Hasan said he has confidence in the game's stability and performance, and that the PS4 and Xbox One versions will both run at 1080p and 30 FPS at launch.

Thanks, Gamespot.

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