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Podcast Audit #3: Tom reveals the guest he hates the most

...and the least.

Image credit: VG247

We have a lot of guests on the VG247 podcast because we know a lot of Games Media Personalities and most of them are too polite and/or socially inept to say "no" when we ask them to be on our podcast. In the last year we've had such Talented Greats as Mike Channel from Outside Xbox And Things and James Batchelor who has written some books.

But which guest is Tom's favourite? Who is winning this thing anyway, and is it still Donaldson? And is forty minutes of one-on-one with Tom Orry enough to shut up all the Tom Orry fans in the comments who keep moaning that he's never on? Find out in this week's inflammatory installment of VG247's Best Games Ever Podcast : the show that panders to its horrid audience.

Special thanks to David Bulmer for performing "Jim's Theme".

Watch the video version here:

Forty entire minutes of Tom Orry going off on one, cor, one guy in wales will be ecstatic.Watch on YouTube

Listen to the audio version here:

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“What is the Best Games Ever Show?” you ask? Well, it is essentially a 30-minute panel show where people (Jim Trinca and associates - hopefully including Tom, as she's the star, let's all agree on that) decide on the best game in a specific category. That's it. It's good. Listen to it.

Come back in a week for another exciting instalment of the Best Games Ever Show.

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