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Texas honors videogame industry with its own special day


The State of Texas has decided that February 3 will from here on out be known as Entertainment Software Day.

The event's been created to pay homage to the impact the videogame industry has had on the state's economy.

In 2006 the games trade grew 16 percent in the Lone Star State says, and added $395 million to the economy. To help this figure grow even more, in 2007 the state legislature passed a bill in which provides tax rebates to videogame companies.

According to the ESA's Michael D Gallagher, "These lawmakers are helping grow our industry as we work to create new jobs for Texans; boost the state's economy; and help discover new ways computer and videogames can improve the ways Americans live, work and play."

See, Texas isn't all guns and cattle drives after all.

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