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TESO to be "accessible to anyone," says ZeniMax Online

Nick Konkle, lead gameplay and combat designer for The Elder Scrolls Online, has said the MMO's being designed in order to be "accessible to anyone".

Speaking to CVG in a video interview, Konkle said not only will it be accessible, it will also be an action-packed, tactical experience.

"I think what you are going to find is both the Elder Scrolls lore that you're familiar with, but really brought into a new setting," he said. "You should be really comfortable with what you find there.

"It's a game that's accessible to anyone. It isn't the slower paced combat from the previous generation of MMOs. We've really tried to make it feel responsive, tactical, and action-packed, which is what I think a Skyrim player might expect from this type of game."

TESO is slated for release on PC and Mac sometime during 2013.

You can catch the entire video interview below.

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