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Telltale is looking to make a deal with another studio to hire laid off staff to finish The Walking Dead - report

Telltale is reportedly looking for another developer to hire some of its former staff and continue working on the two remaining episodes in the Walking Dead: The Final Season.

Shortly after Telltale laid off 225 staff members, the developer and publisher said that it won't abandon the rest of the Walking Dead: The Final Season.

In fact, Telltale promised that all remaining episodes will be finished, despite having sacked a majority of its staff without severance the same week.

According to a new Kotaku report, Telltale is currently working on a deal that would see episodes three and four outsourced to a different developer, but using some former Telltale staff. It's not clear how much of the game's original team will be rehired.

The Walking Dead: The Final Season

This is in line with the company's own statement, which it made following the removal of the Walking Dead: The Final Season from store shelves.

Kotaku's report revealed that former Telltale developers would be brought on to a different studio on a contract basis in order to finish the remaining, promised content. According to the site's sources, this is not simply a case of Telltale securing funding itself.

Whatever studio ends up taking the deal, it's going to have its name on said developers' paychecks.

As for how far along the two remaining episodes are, the report says episode three is nearly done, and was in fact in the ratings review stage when layoffs hit, meaning it's a week or two away from entering platform certification.

Episode four is the one that needs most of the work at this point, though sources told the site that voice work for the main characters had already been recorded.

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