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  • GameStop breaks Modern Warfare 2 street date

    GameStop US has confirmed to Kotaku that some of it’s stores in the US has knowingly broken the release date of Modern Warfare 2. GameStop corp were the ones who signed off on the decision. Speaking to the site, GameStop’s Chris Olivera said that it was in regions where the game had already broken the […]

  • Bowling: Infinity Ward will quit CoD franchise once it "stops being fun"

    Robert Bowling has revealed that Infinity Ward is not “tied to making Call of Duty games”, and in the future may possibly create something else should the franchise “stop being fun”. “Once this is done, maybe we’ll see about doing something new,” he told Develop. “If we do want to do something else, then we […]

  • Pachter: Modern Warfare in week 1 will "exceed $500 million"

    In his preview for the upcoming Q3 financial results for Activision Blizzard this Thursday, analyst Michael Pachter has said that he expects Modern Warfare 2 to make over $500 million at release. He also expects the game will “easily sell 10 million units in Q4”. “Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 should allow Activision to […]

  • MW2 multiplayer leaderboards to be reset before launch

    Infinity Ward’s Rob Bowling has tweeted that Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer will get a leaderboard reset for anyone who has the game already. It is to make sure no one has an unfair advantage before the game is released next Tuesday. “It definitely looks like a full leaderboard / level reset is in order just […]

  • Rumour - MW2's killstreak rewards listed

    Gamepex (via Kotaku) has listed the killstreak rewards you will get with the multiplayer in Modern Warfare 2. It starts off with three kills and a UAV, but get all the way up to 25, and you get a nuke. No, seriously. A nuke. A motherfucking nuclear weapon! Find the full list at the links. […]

  • Pachter: Modern Warfare 2 could sell 14 million

    Speaking in the latest Bonus Round, analyst Michael Pachter has predicted that Modern Warfare 2 will sell 14 million units, just in 2009 alone. “Last year sold about 8 million in the Christmas quarter, I think most people think this will do 10-12. It really depends on marketing – if they blitz the airwaves and […]

  • Infinity Ward has no "clue" about game to follow Modern Warfare 2

    Modern Warfare 2, eh? It’s a monster. It’s so big, in fact, that Infinity Ward doesn’t have the faintest idea what it’s going to do after it. “Right now we don’t have a clue what our next game is going to be, and we won’t know what it will be until we finish with Modern […]

  • Modern Warfare 2 to get Leicester Square launch in London

    In a “world’s first” announcement, Acti said today that Modern Warfare 2 is to be launched at a Leicester Square event in London, “home of the ‘Hollywood Premiere’.” The screening’s to be compered by a celeb fan. The event will also be supported by an “epic” midnight opening at HMV’s Trocadero Store. There’s also to […]

  • Bowling seeks to ease MW2 PC tension with IWNET explanation

    Infinity Ward’s Rob Bowling’s posted an explanation of how IWNET will work with the PC version of Modern Warfare 2, following uproar surrounding news that the game won’t allow dedicated servers. Bowling claims the closed system will allow players to match against others of similar skill while deterring cheating, adding party features, and so on. […]

  • Modern Warfare 2 Rust map shown in video

    Gamestop’s released a new Modern Warfare 2 video, this one showing off multiplayer on the game’s Rust map. Watch it on It’s sandy and has guns. You can clearly see it’s suffering from the lack of dedicated servers, however. That’s a joke. It’s out November 10.

  • Modern Warfare 2 has a "ridiculous" amount of customization

    Robert Bowling’s London appearance has netted all sorts of information, and it does not stop there. Turns out, Modern Warfare 2 has customization options for the hardcore gamer that are “ridiculous” in options, according to Infinity Ward’s creative strategist. “The beta is really just the tip of the iceberg at this point, we’re really just […]

  • Screens from Modern Warfare 2 show water, guns, war

    Screens Modern Warfare 2 are over on CVG. Some may look familiar to you, some may not. There they are anyway. Game’s out next month.

  • Infinity Ward gets muddled on Modern Warfare 2 name fiasco

    Seriously. Read this. It’s from an Joystiq interview with Infinity Ward lead multiplayer designer Todd Alderman on the question of what’s been going on with Modern Warfare 2’s indecision between having a Call of Duty moniker and not. So. Why? Well there are a lot of different factors involved, but we wanted to make sure, […]

  • Custom killstreak details revealed for Modern Wafare 2

    Custom killstreak details for Modern Warfare 2 emerged thanks to a preview in the latest issue of PSM3 Magazine. Looks like MW2 allows for mixing and matching rewards to fit your skills, which means that newer players can look forward to getting rewards for smaller strings of kills. Those who are considered “veterans” can receive […]

  • Hans Zimmer confirmed for Modern Warfare 2 score

    Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has confirmed via Twitter that Oscar winner Hans Zimmer is the composer of Modern Warfare 2’s score. This is his first video game focused work, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Reports yesterday had this rumored, so it’s good to get confirmation on it. You just know it will be one badass […]

  • Rumour: Square Enix to publish Modern Warfare 2 in Japan

    Unless something’s gone a bit wrong dans le Matrix, this teaser page on the Square Enix site probably means the publisher is handling the release of Modern Warfare 2 in Japan. There’s a “2” on it: it’s the same font at the MW2 logo. The giveaway is the Activision and Call of Duty copyright info […]

  • Vehicles will not be part of Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer

    Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has told GamerZines that vehicles will not play a part in Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer. “We never put vehicles in multiplayer,” he told the site. “Our focus is on fast-paced infantry combat, where you’re never reliant on transportation. What we do have is expanded Killstreak Rewards now, some of which are […]

  • Mad Catz details its peripherals for Modern Warfare 2

    Mad Catz has detailed its Modern Warfare 2 game accessories a bit. Looks like the creations will have everything from faceplates to custom controllers and even something called a Throat Communicator. Prices will range from $15 to $100. The full list of items and prices are posted below the break.

  • Dual wielding implemented in Modern Warfare 2

    Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling has confirmed that Modern Warfare 2 players will be able to dual wield sidearms in the game, which is a first for the series. During a GameCrazy showing of the single-player mode, Bowling showed off the ability – called Akimbo – using two Desert Eagle pistols. “Now to calm some initial […]

  • Modern Warfare 2's PC price shooting up to $60?

    If a number of listings from major US retailers are to be believed, then yes. GameStop, Amazon, and Best Buy all have Modern Warfare 2 listed at the PC-unfriendly price of $60. Only Walmart’s still asking $50 for Activision Blizzard’s next cash cow. But no one ever tells Walmart anything. It’s not cool. We’ve sent […]

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